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Transparent LCD coolers provide a unique opportunity to communicate with your customers seconds before they decide to grab a drink.


High-margin products like soft drinks, energy drinks, and cold beers provide a significant source of revenue for the retailers of these products. By placing these products in premium locations (i.e. behind a transparent digital screen) the retailer can then offer the more attractive shelf-space to brands invested in embracing the power of digital.

Likewise, brands seeking to expand the reach of their marketing and advertising dollars to new digital frontiers can purchase their own network of digital coolers and place them in-venue at their preferred retail locations. With the ability to remotely manage the content on each cooler, brands can distribute digital content from anywhere they can access the internet.

The MRI Digital Cooler has provided incremental sales lift in excess of 10%. What could you do with an extra 10% in beverage sales?


The BoldVu® IGU is a modular unit used to retrofit existing refrigerators with the transparent LCD system. The display is sandwiched and insulated between two pieces of thermally tempered glass and replaces the door glass of an existing cooler.

The IGU is accompanied by a component drawer with provision for customer provided media player and connectivity device for seamless integration into any existing digital signage ecosystem.

Display Size 55″, for 19 cu.ft. cooler
Active Display Area 47.6″ x 26.8″
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Dimensions (IGU) 28.2″ W x 62.4″ H x 3″ D
Weight (IGU) 63 lbs.
Dimensions (Drawer) 15″ W x 11″ H x 1.75″ D
Weight (Drawer) 5 lbs.
Player / Modem Customer furnished
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Get the fully-integrated digital cooler.


Digital Coolers can be dressed up for many applications and venues, but the core display product is built on the following feature set:

  • Display size: 55″
  • Resolution: Full HD
  • Refrigerator: 19 cu.ft.
  • Cooler Door: Transparent LCD sandwiched between thermally tempered cover glass
  • Power Requirement: 120V 10 amp
  • Delivery Method: Fully integrated system (refrigerator & display)
  • Usage Environment: Indoor & Semi-Outdoor (no direct sun)

*Display can work with any media player, CMS software, modem, and data provider to accommodate customer preferences.


Display Size 55″
Active Display Area 47.6″ x 26.8″
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Viewing Angle 178°/178° (H/V)
Power Requirements 120 V / 60 Hz @ 10 amps
Dimensions (H x W x D) 80.3″ x 30.4″ x 27.7″
Weight 270 lbs
Connectivity Customer furnished
Player Customer furnished
Capacity 19.08 cubic feet
Download Specifications


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