Manufacturing Resources International (MRI), engineer, designer, and manufacturer of out-of-home industry renowned BoldVu® displays, has formed a partnership with Ingenuity Sun Media (ISM), a digital activation, engagement and communications firm, as the exclusive digital media providers to the International Speedway Corporation (ISC).
ISC owns and operates 13 speedways across the US, hosting numerous NASCAR events each year, including the Daytona 500 – one of Forbes’ global top-10 most valuable sporting events. MRI and ISM have branded their digital engagement and advertising network- ISM Vision, Powered by BoldVu®. BoldVu®, MRI’s flagship outdoor display, has been the highest performing product of its kind for 12 years running; pairing well with sporting events centered on high performance.
ISM Vision, Powered by BoldVu® leverages mobile and in-venue analytics to provide advertisers, sponsors, and the venue operator a wealth of never-before available intelligence on fan behavior and campaign engagement.
On this topic, ISM CEO, Nelson Martinez, explained “this will be the world’s largest 360° digital engagement network, whose sophisticated analytics backbone grants advertisers a clear understanding of the ROI of their marketing efforts, and ensures their ad spend is performing in the most productive way possible.”
ISM Vision, Powered by BoldVu® networks 13 NASCAR race tracks, inclusive of all digital displays, WiFi connectivity, mobile applications, and each speedway’s large-format trackside screens which are viewable from the grandstands. The digital network will make an estimated 500 million brand impressions during the 2017 racing season.
Bill Dunn, MRI President and CEO, whose first ever driving experience was at the wheel of an Indy-style racecar explained, “The obsessive attention to detail and engineering that goes into high-performance racing vehicles has in many ways inspired our approach in the design, engineering, and manufacture of our displays.” He also added, “I think it’s great that this uniquely American racing circuit will have a digital network powered by BoldVu® displays which are made right here in the USA.”
ISM Vision, Powered by BoldVu® will launch February 18 at the beginning of Speed Week at Daytona Speedway and redefine in-venue digital engagement throughout the entire racing season.
To learn about or advertise on the ISM Vision, Powered by BoldVu® network contact Eric Hornsby at