When brand integrity and product reliability are critical to your drive-thru’s success, only BoldVu® outdoor menu boards can deliver the performance you need.


In-store digital menu boards have helped bolster brand image, better promote products, and more efficiently manage day-parting activities. With as much as 70% of revenue coming from the drive-thru, it’s time to take digital outside.

Because of the dynamics of the outdoor space, not just any digital display will do. Only BoldVu® digital menu boards have been specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the QSR drive-thru. In real world, side-by-side comparisons, BoldVu® menu boards far outperform other display solutions in image quality and viewing angle. More importantly they are designed to be fail-proof with redundant components to ensure uptime in the most important location of the QSR. No other ODMB can match the performance of a BoldVu®.

When an asset is as critically important to your success as the drive-thru menu board, any compromise in quality or performance simply cannot be tolerated. Commit to no compromises with BoldVu®.


BoldVu® digital drive-thru menu boards are an open platform with many possibilities. The core display product is built on the following feature set:

  • Display size: 55″ portrait pre-sell board; 86″ landscape menu board
  • Resolution: Full HD (55″); Ultra HD (86″)
  • Brightness: 3500 nits for 10 years
  • Bright Ambient* Contrast: >360:1
  • Bright Ambient Color Saturation: >80%
  • Cover Glass: 13.5mm thick, double anti-reflective and ballistic resistant
  • Monitoring: 150+ hardware and software parameters
  • Maintenance: Zero regular maintenance, no air filters

*Bright Ambient illumination defined as 50,000 lux.


Display Size 55″ Pre-Sell Board 86″ Menu Board
Active Display Area 26.8″ x 47.6″ 74.6″ x 42″
Resolution 1920 x 1080 3840 x 2160
Brightness 3500 nits for 10 years 3500 nits for 10 years
Power Consumption (Avg.) 350 W 1500 W
Dimensions (W x H x D) 31″ x 75″ x 8″ 82″ x 77″ x 8″
Weight 325 lbs 650 lbs

*Avg. power consumption based on full brightness with a white display field, averaged over 10 years of 24/7 use. DynamicVu® will reduce actual power usage by up to 40% with active content on the display.


If you are interested in BoldVu® menu boards for your drive-thru lane, please follow this link to be placed in contact with an authorized reseller.

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