Our 220,000+ square foot facility is built for making incredible displays. Have a look.


Every display we design and place into production starts with a few very important questions:

  1. What are the consumer’s objectives for the intended use of the digital display?
  2. How will the operating environment affect display performance?
  3. How do we design to these variables and provide the best performing display possible?

Once we’ve defined the challenge, our multidisciplinary team of engineers can get to work. Our engineers design, build, and test every component in our displays. It is this team and this superior engineering that allows MRI to deliver outdoor LCD displays with the lowest total cost of ownership and longest technology performance life on the market.


MRI is an engineering and manufacturing firm at heart. Every component used in our displays is built right here, within the four walls of our production facility. This includes all sheet metal, glass, circuit boards, LED backlights, and more.

To provide the quality and quantity of displays required to meet the needs of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands as they roll out digital signage networks all around the globe, nothing short of state-of-the-art will do. And state-of-the-art is exactly what you will find at MRI.


Building for outdoor use means nothing if the demands of the outdoor environment exceed the durability of the display solution. This is why we process our own glass to use as a protective cover for our LCD cells. But our glass is not just tough, it also delivers the lowest specular and diffuse reflection of any glass used for commercial applications. This allows for the best picture to shine through, without a loss in brightness, contrast, or color saturation in the enterprise, outdoor environment.


To deliver the best visual image quality possible you don’t leave any of your optical stack to chance, and that includes the LED backlight. Our LED backlights are designed, assembled, and rigorously tested to provide the truest white light possible in the intended operating environment, while also intelligently conserving energy and prolonging performance life through dynamically dimming LED blocks based on the on-screen content. This produces vivid colors, dark blacks, and superior contrast in any ambient lighting condition.


MRI leverages the best in automation and robotics for precision in the production of our display products. This ensures quality and uniformity across every machined component in the most cost effective manner possible. Because human touch points in the manufacturing process can add significantly to production costs, we only employ skilled labor when it increases output and reduces cost.


Each and every single display we build undergoes thorough quality testing to ensure performance integrity for its end-use operating environment. This includes environmental exposure tests like low/high temperature, vibration/shock, and water resistance (IP66), and optical performance tests to check color saturation, brightness, contrast, response time, resolution, and a myriad of other performance factors.


MRI displays are intelligent and because each circuit board is designed and printed in our facility, we are able to embed software which allows performance monitoring functions requisite of an enterprise display solution, including 150+ real-time hardware components and software processes. Our engineers have designed the display to be completely inter-operable with ancillary components required in digital display deployments including: media players, content management platforms, wireless modems, bluetooth devices, and custom software dashboards via restful API. MRI displays play nice with other best-of-breed technologies in the digital display space.


Even our crating and shipping department works to make the customer experience world-class. We consider the delivery destination and unloading paths to design crating that fits access doors, hallways, and makes unloading and deployment an easy and straightforward process.