Engineering High-Performance LCD Displays for Outdoor Environments

Engineering High-Performance LCD Displays for Outdoor Environments

At Manufacturing Resources International we design and build BoldVu® LCD displays
for use in dynamic, outdoor environments.


Defining the “enterprise” digital display.

When the goal of your digital signage initiative is to attract, engage, and convert new customers, there’s no more effective place than outside, where the people are. The outdoor environment represents the greatest opportunity to make the highest number of impressions, and any display technology used in this space has to perform at the highest level possible.

At MRI, this is our objective. We build the best performing digital displays for the outdoor, direct-sunlight environment that not only look fantastic on day-1, but continue to meet performance expectations for 10 years. BoldVu® enterprise displays offer the longest technology life, deliver the lowest total cost of ownership and ultimately, the greatest return on investment. BoldVu® displays perform the best where it counts the most.

MRI is serious about advancing display technology.
To date we have 578 granted patents, in the US and several foreign countries.

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Superior engineering, intelligent software, unparalleled support.

Every BoldVu® display is engineered to deliver the highest performance in the intended application and end-use environment. We’re so confident in our displays that we offer the industry’s only guarantee on performance for display brightness, contrast, and color saturation in the outdoor space – a guarantee that’s good for 10 years.

A key factor in our ability to guarantee optical performance is our SmartVu display optimization software which intelligently compiles and autonomously responds to 150+ environmental and operational parameters to optimize image quality and power consumption, thousands of times per second.

To round out the enterprise solution, we operate a global monitoring and support network to offer remote and on-site service for every display we deploy. Because of our proactive approach to display monitoring and our intelligent display software, we are able to resolve most incidents before the display owner is even aware that something went awry.

Our 220,000+ sq ft. engineering and production facility is
proudly located in Atlanta, Georgia USA.

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27,126 outdoor digital screens globally deployed as of May 21, 2024, installed in direct-sunlight environments across cities, transit systems, and retail centers around the world.

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